What You Won’t Get From Other CPA Firms: The Lomness CPA Experience

Starting and growing a successful business is no small feat. Between managing operations, employees, marketing, and a million other responsibilities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the less glamorous side of being a business owner – navigating complex tax codes and regulations.

This critical part of owning a business requires knowledge you simply don’t learn in school. And making the wrong financial decisions can negatively impact your bottom line for years to come. Wouldn’t you rather focus your time and mental energy on accelerating revenue and pursuing your purpose?

How We’re Different: An Educational Partnership

At Lomness CPA, we live and breathe small business tax and advisory services. We started our own firm to fill a need that was not being addressed – small business owners need an approachable team who can simplify the complex landscape of taxes and translate how financial decisions impact the financial health of a business.

This is at the core of the Lomness CPA difference: We’re invested in an educational partnership built on a foundation of trust, where your growth and success is our top priority.

What You Can Expect: Confidence and Clarity

From our very first meeting, we aim to put you at ease about business finances you may currently perceive as complex or intimidating. With personalized education and strategic planning tailored to your unique situation, you gain competence and understanding of terms and metrics you need in order to make informed decisions. Knowledge breeds confidence, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on financial education.

Throughout our partnership, you’ll enjoy:

Ongoing Advisory Guidance: We’ll work with you throughout the year (not just at tax time) to provide personalized insights, recommendations, and relevant tax law updates so you stay efficient.
Proactive Planning: Tax time shouldn’t instill panic. We’ll have a calculated strategy dialed in based on in-depth discovery and modeling for your situation.
Real, Lasting Education: We teach you to understand key financial statements and metrics so you feel equipped to make strategic decisions as you grow.
Our goal is always for you to have the competence and confidence needed to focus on your business purpose, while we handle optimizing your back-end for profitability. Together, we elevate your business with clarity and tax efficiency.

Discover the Lomness CPA Difference For Your Business!

Schedule a free consultation today or call our office at (281) 962-0310. We’ll review your unique situation and map out a game plan to increase tax efficiency while saving you precious mental real estate.

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