State Sales Tax Return

At Lomness CPA, we offer affordable state sales tax filing and help
minimize tax liability.

Affordable Sales Tax Filings

Our tax professionals have one goal: minimize client tax liability in compliance with changing tax laws. With our help, identify appropriate tax deductions, credits, and opportunities for tax reductions. We prepare and file all sales and use tax returns in all 50 states. Your state sales tax return is then electronically filed for your convenience.

Comprehensive compliance services

We understand the time sensitive nature of tax audits and sales tax compliance checks. Our tax specialists work with our clients to review current financial records, as well as:

  • State registrations
  • Calculating and collecting the tax due
  • Filing the returns required to remit the tax
  • Transmitting the tax collected
  • Notice correspondence
  • Account maintenance

Timely consultation services

Many businesses pay unnecessary sales tax or miss out on sales and use tax refunds because they are unaware of the regulations. Lomness CPA offers consultation services to ensure your state tax payment is compliant with state and federal regulations. We stay current with monthly tax changes, and offer advice in the following areas:

  • Nexus determination
  • Product taxation
  • Planning
  • Due diligence
  • Tax refund studies
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Risk assessments

Safe and secure cloud convenience

Our team strives to make the tax process as convenient as possible. All returns are e-filed for faster processing, and we provide clients with a secure online portal to transfer digital tax documents.

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