Welcome to our co-browsing live support page! Co-browsing allows you and a member of our staff to view web pages and documents together – right from your favorite internet browser using any device. There is no software to download and no changes to your computer will be made. Here are a few important details to remember when co-browsing:

  • Our staff will only be able to see web pages initiated in the co-browsing session. We will not be able to see or interact with any other applications on your device.
  • Co-browsing is only useful when you’re speaking with a member of our staff over the phone.
  • Only initiate a co-browsing session when directed by a member of our staff. A six digit code will display once you start the session and you will need to provide that number to our staff member over the phone.
  • Co-browsing sessions can be used to exchange documents and get help with documents that require action by you (e.g., signatures). Our staff can send you documents and highlight important details – all from your browser!


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